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HARDY "JACK" Song Review

Singer-songwriter HARDY made a name for himself in 2020 with his debut album A ROCK, which showcased his genre-bending ability. His most recent release, "JACK" expands on the sonic landscape set by his other recent single "SOLD OUT."

HARDY’s main goal of telling stories through his sound is prevalently shown in his new single. In a press releases he noted, “I love the story it tells — it's got some deep undertones about alcohol and how it can have a strong grip on people and can really bring you down. I hope people can kind of read through that lyric and understand it. It rocks, and I'm excited for the world to hear it.”

The song was written by HARDY alongside hitmakers David Garcia, and Hillary Lindsey. “JACK” takes us through the stages of how alcohol can really affect people and their lives. HARDY uses his own voice to speak as alcohol, creating a unique and dark twist. “Hey, kid, let me introduce myself / I's a friend of your dad's when he had no one else / I'll put the party in your life boy you know I can / Have you ever wanted to feel like superman?”