Harper Grae 'Confessions of a Good Southern Lady' EP Review

Harper Grae knows how to outdo in the face of adversity. Her medicine is storytelling and through her lyricism comes nothing but unconditional honesty over uncomplicated melodies. Frequently, the singer-songwriter channels the turmoil from her childhood and transforms that into life lessons. Grae’s latest EP is an example of just that.

Confessions of a Good Southern Lady ignites with “Devil Worship” - a piano-induced drama about falling for another woman at a church group and the differing opinions cast under Christianity. The opener’s apparatus is elementary yet casts a full productive landscape. “I Like Ya Like That” trails off of “Devil Worship” and is opposite in tempo. A banjo-drum assemblage, one that sounds like it’s about ready to turn right into a hoedown, immensely showcases Grae’s vocal abilities - a range stronger than most and vastly similar to Carrie Underwood.

“The Joker” is akin to “Devil Worship” in the kinesthetic taste of being a powerhouse piano ballad. Birthed after an arduous situation with her step-daughter, “The Joker” is achingly authentic as she sings, “Lying is as easy to you as breathing is to me.”

The pre-released song “Dying On The Vine,” written by Grae, Colin Healy, and Steven McMorran, is an ode to that glass of wine that you want so bad, but know you shouldn't. Grae had previously confessed that she had a strong urge to drink while pregnant. It's a relatable notion that might not be obvious upon first listen. The dramatics in the songwriting makes it feel like it details a relationship ending but its real dilemma is quite simple and endearing.

“Diggin’” combats the animosity between Christianity and homosexuality while “Dead To Me,” written with Joy Williams and Cam, closes out Confessions of a Good Southern Lady. Dissimilar to a handful of tracks on this project, “Dead To Me” boasts an upbeat landscape and depicts the act of finally moving forward.

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