Harper Grae "Dying on the Vine" Song Review

Up-and-coming country singer Harper Grae released a new single on March 25th, 2022. "Dying on the Vine" is a song of despair, and longing for love, and discusses hard life questions we all want answers to; she sings of life experiences that ring true to her.

Sojourning into the country music scene years back in 2015 with passion for the music as an outlet, Grae has made a name for herself in the country music industry since her album in 2017 titled Break Your Crowns.This new track is a testament to Grae's honesty within her songwriting.

The tune opens with a simple, soothing strum reminiscent of a young Taylor Swift. Her lyrics feel like wisdom from a future version of yourself, mentioning everything you wish you could have known with lines like, “I could leave it all behind / You got your life and I got mine / But I flash back to how you looked at me / Downpourin’ and a thunderstorm fell like a tree / I will wait forever if I could live that long.”

It is evident this song comes from a deep place of inspiration; she even notes advice from her grandfather in the opening verse. Interestingly enough, even in Grae’s cover art for her Instagram post as promotional media for this song’s release, she creatively used a leaf as a teardrop on her face to emphasize the song’s title, “Dying On the Vine.”

After giving birth last year, leaning into a deeper conversations of motherhood as she alluded to on social media, there’s no doubt the words and content that Harper Grae is putting out is worthy of a listen.

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