High Valley “Whatever It Takes” and “Never Not” Song Reviews

Canadian brother band, High Valley, does anything from Christian music, bluegrass, folk, and contemporary country to create their perfectly unique sound. After debuting as a trio in 2007 with Broken Borders, the band has seen success in Gospel Music Awards, Billboard’s top country charts, and even more Canadian-based awards. The trio slimmed down to a duo in 2014 after brother Bryan left the band to focus on family, and more recently, the youngest, Curtis has stepped away, moving back to Canada from Nashville. Brad Rempel, however, reminds us this is not the end of High Valley with the release of two new songs, “Whatever It Takes” and “Never Not.”

These two songs signify a big step in High Valley’s career, being the first released since the group has become only Brad and his accompanying band. Rempel describes the first release by stating, “It feels so amazing to be releasing new music again. From the moment we started writing ‘Whatever It Takes’ we felt like we had captured that signature High Valley magic!” And it’s true that “Whatever It Takes” stays close to the group’s original sound. “I’ve always felt that we were at our best and most natural when we tap into that bluegrass stomp kind of sound that we love.” The song’s verses flow easily with the country stylings, while the upbeat and catchy chorus offers a more hopeful, folkish sound.

“Take my heart tonight / Still be yours in the morning light / Take your sweet ole time / I can wait forever or whatever you like / Take this long shot, it’s all we got / Hey, babe, what do ya say? We give this love whatever it takes.”

The song overall is a testament to the power of love and the willfulness to pursue it. Its message is optimistic and hopeful by all means, and High Valley is adamant in creating that atmosphere throughout the entirety of the song.

Their second release, “Never Not” written by Rempel with Ben West and Matt Willis gives us as listeners a complete contrast to “Whatever It Takes”. The song’s sound is more rooted in contemporary country and even has aspects of pop sprinkled throughout it. All that considered, it doesn’t stray from the love ballad theme set by “Whatever It Takes”. Rempel’s voice flows perfectly with ease through the love confession he’s making, blending in country-inspired acoustics and an easy beat. Rempel shares “It is such a truthful song for us and the second verse is maybe one of the most honest straightforward lyrics I’ve ever written.”

“In a crowded room / Baby I still feel all alone / And I had to hear your voice on the phone / Callin’ I’ll be home in the mornin’ / But right now I just need you to know / That I’ll never not / Never not / Every minute you’re my first and my last stop / Gonna love you till this whole spinnin’ world stops.”

The double release of “Whatever It Takes” and “Never Not” are Brad Rempel’s personal testament to the faith he has in High Valley. The band carried on through the withdrawal of Bryan in 2014 and while most thought the announcement of Curtis’ departure was the end, Brad Rempel declares it’s not. With the first releases as the only brother remaining, it’s clear the signature sound of High Valley is deeply rooted in the band’s passion to continue making music, no matter the circumstances. The original brothers may have left, but the unique magic that High Valley captures has not — and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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