Holiday State Talks Their New Single "Indio"

Just in time for the warmer weather and music festival season, California based country music trio Holiday State has released an homage to their home state in their newest release, “Indio.”

The three brothers, made up of Brandon, Brett, and Bryan, grew up in a musically gifted family as the oldest of the brothers, Brandon, tells us, ““We got into music when we were younger because our parents were always playing music around the house.” The three got quite serious about music at a very early age when they created their first band: Brandon sang lead vocals, Bryan played the guitar, and Brett played the drums. Later on, the brothers drifted a part and did music with other people and groups, but it was never the same. “It just got to the point where it wasn’t working out with other people because they didn’t have the same goals in mind,” Brandon states.

The trio reconvened and Holiday State was born. Before getting back together, Brandon was interested in the R&B and pop genres while Bryan loved pop punk; Brett was always a huge country music lover. Bryan fell in love with the country genre when he started going to line dancing classes with Brett and eventually discovered 90s country which is where he found his ultimate inspiration. “We blended that pop-country sound and kind of took a little bit of everything and created Holiday State,” Bryan shares.

Before getting into the details of “Indio,” the three mentioned the ever-growing country music scene on the West Coast. “You’d be surprised. The country music scene is crazy out here,” Brett exclaims as he goes on to mention Brett Young, line dancing nights, country music bars, and of course, the Stagecoach: California’s ultimate country music festival. Brandon continues, “There’s so many big venues right around here that bring the biggest in country music. 15-20 years ago, if you said you loved country music people would think you’re crazy. Now, going out here in Orange County and the LA area, it seems like everybody just says, ‘Yeah, I’m a big country fan’ and it’s crazy to see how much it’s blossomed over the years which is fun for us.”

Their latest single, “Indio” was inspired by just that. More specifically, the idea came to the group when festivals started getting canceled in 2020 during the early stages of the Coronavirus Pandemic. “We sat down and we wanted to write a song that would pump people up, get them excited for when festivals did return. And so that’s where that concept came from,” Brandon tells The Nash News.

The song was co-written by Brandon, Andria Farrell, and Melissa Sheridan. The track’s instrumental is upbeat and breezy as they capture the freeing essence of summertime. “Indio puts on some of the biggest festivals in the world and so it’s kind of a tribute to Indio and to Coachella and Stagecoach and going out there with your friends and just having a good time,” they exclaim.

For the rest of the year, the group plans to perform at the 4th of July celebration for the town of Menifee California. They also aim to play Blended Festival in the fall, curate their first EP, and make a big trip to Nashville and hopefully play at the iconic Whiskey Jam.

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