Hunter Brothers "Peace, Love & Country Music" Song Review

Country group Hunter Brothers dropped their newest single Friday, June 10th titled“Peace, Love, & Country Music." The track is sure become a fan favorite.

A multi award-winning group, the Hunter Brothers, are real life brothers from Saskatchewan, Canada. They are well known for participating in the “Sea Shanty” TikTok trend with their own creative twist that took social media by storm, attracting over 6.2 million views in the span of a week.

They're also known for their hit single “Lost” which has over five million streams on Spotify alone. With over 42 million video and audio streams total to date, Hunter Brothers have gained huge credibility in a record amount of time, including multiple CCMA Award nominations, JUNO Award nominations and SCMA Award wins.

“Peace, Love, & Country Music” marks the Hunter Brothers’ second single release of 2022. The new music follows their 2021 album It’s Been A Minute, which the brothers claimed was inspired by the longing they felt to get back to their pre-pandemic lives during the height of quarantine.

Now that the world is returning to a relative level of normalcy, the Hunter Brothers have picked up right where they left off. “Peace, Love, & Country Music” builds on the ideas that their previous album established. It has the kind of high quality harmonic vocals and homespun sound that make it an anthem perfect for a summer emerging from the pandemic.

The twangy, simple instrumental perfectly matches the vibey lyrics that capture a feel-good essence. In the first verse they sing, "What if we turned off the news and turned on the stereo / And turned on some good vibes on a good time radio / On the back of a truck parked in a field / Or the front of a boat with a rod and a reel." Immediately, the scenic, rustic setting is set.

Releasing a laid-back summery anthem, especially with a highly specific title and meaning, is a brilliant move for the band because it effectively strips country music down to its bones and brings their listeners back to the basics, back to simpler times. It’s something we could all use right about now.