Ian Munsick ft. Cody Johnson “Long Live Cowgirls” Song Review

​​Ian Munsick and Cody Johnson’s anticipated duet, “Long Live Cowgirls,” was released this past Friday on January 28th. The song exuded both a sultry and nostalgic ambiance for listeners.

The song is dressed in lyrics where both men tip their hats in deep admiration to the cowgirls of the past. Remaining true to a classic Western ballad, the duo wrangles in its audience with the balance of a few string sounds and deep vocals. Highlighting country icons like John Wayne and Chris LeDoux during the track makes the character of this song dig its roots a bit deeper. 

In the chorus they come together to sing, “Well, she rode in them wagons / When the Wild West was won / Took the canyons and badlands / And made ’em her home / She’s boots on, LeDoux songs / Snaps on her pearls / Long live cowgirls.

"Long Live Cowgirls" by Ian Munsick and Cody Johnson

Munsick co-wrote the brand new track alongside Aby Gutierrez and Phil O’Donnell; the three showcased the stark balance of what cowgirls had to be during their era. Their clever lyricism is vivid and almost plays out like a scene in an old Hollywood western film as they mention “a paint-colored mustang,” “a runaway freight train,” and “her high country smile.” 

This song is an example of the life once longed for by the simple-minded and still has a place in many hearts today.

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