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Ingrid Andress "Pain" Song Review

Along with the announcement of her second full-length LP titled Good Person dropping on August 26th, singer-songwriter Ingrid Andress has also released track seven off of the project titled “Pain.”

Despite the seemingly self-explanatory, brief title that hints at darkness and anguish, “Pain” is really anything but that. The twangy track opens with a slow steel guitar that rocks back and forth. The instrumental that lingers in the background is paired with a swinging groove that features light percussion and staccato string sounds.

Andress’ voice makes an entrance in a lower register as she begins the verse like she’s speaking directly to somebody else. She assures the person on the receiving end exclaiming, “I know this hurts real bad right now / I know you feel mad and sad right now, sad right now / But the sky isn’t falling, no, no, no / That’s just the rain.” At the end of each line, her vocals seem to echo off into the distance. Andress is known for her stunning, layered vocal experiences and this tune is no different. It seems to sit well with the other pre-released songs from Good Person, both the title track and “Seeing Someone Else.”

"Pain" takes its laid-back verses and channels the rest of it's energy into the chorus. Andress turns to a different placement in her vocal range as the instrumental cracks open and she belts alongside it. She yells out, "Girl, I've been there, yeah, life ain