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Interview With Jeorgia Rose

Jeorgia Rose feels like a breath of fresh air for the Nashville music scene. The up-and-coming artist hailing from Great Britain sat down with us to discuss her background as well as new projects.

Rose knew while growing up in Cheshire, England that music was important to her. She started to learn to play the piano at age six and wrote her first song by nine. She also learned to play the guitar and flute. “I didn’t really think music was possible as a job until I was probably like 14, because in my mind that only happens to certain people. You just have to be lucky, but you can really do this if you want it.” That attitude is what drives Rose to this day.

For those wondering what the country music scene is like across the pond, Rose says that it has been growing. “It’s grown a lot over the past two years. Growing up, all of the country artists I’d listen to were American. Recently there have been more artists abroad that have gotten into it.” Rose also says that access to country concerts was few and far between while she was growing up, but those have also picked up steam in recent years.

As far as musical inspirations go, Rose is heavily influenced by Taylor Swift. Swift’s earlier music in particular made an impact on the young singer-songwriter. Rose also points out Maren Morris and Carrie Underwood for their artistic style match up to her own. Those women in country music also have helped steer her songwriting. “I took a bit of time off writing when I was a teenager just because you don’t think about it that much. It picked back up when I started to get feelings for guys and that type of thing.”

“That Day” is the latest release from Rose. “I wrote the song when I was sixteen and I’m about to turn 19. It was one of those songs I just kind of sat on for a long time. It was about the first time I felt a bit of love for someone. It’s about me being really happy with someone.” With her passion and lyrical ability, the sky is the limit for Rose.

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