An Interview with Nick Leidl

Nick Leidl is a man with many talents: comedy, acting, and now music. An up-and-coming artist, Leidl sat down with us to discuss his background, music, and what is on the horizon for


A native of New Jersey and an alum of Saint Peters University, Leidl has always described himself as a performer. “I’m just an entertainer in general. I’ve done everything. I started as a DJ when I was 13 years old. Entertaining is what I truly love to do, and it came very easy to me,” Leidl tells The Nash News. His foundation in comedy and doing stand-up continues to play a factor in his now blossoming music career. “When I was doing stand-up in college, I was also starting to take guitar lessons. I was able to learn enough chords to start writing comedy songs.” The pandemic affected everyone, but it made Leidl want to go in a different direction. Personal struggles changed his priorities and sensibilities. He wanted to go deeper into his music in order to show more than his sense of humor.

Leidl is a self-proclaimed “music junkie,” which he credits to working as a DJ for so many years. Bob Dylan is one of his main musical inspirations because he admires his poetic and moving songwriting. His current favorite artists range from John Mayor to Morgan Wallen. “I saw Morgan at country Thunder. The writing is so good, and I think his sound is really unique,” exclaims Leidl.

Country music is not a genre he thought he would end up in as he says, “I’m doing country music, but I don’t know if I even heard country music until like two years ago. I’m from New Jersey, nobody plays country music in Jersey.” He credits his transition into the genre due to the life events he’s undergone in the last couple of years. Country music's storytelling reflects real life in ways that everyone can relate to.

“Friend Zone” was the song that opened new doors for Leidl. He debuted a song he wrote for a crowd that came to watch his comedy routine. After putting the song on streaming services, he got in touch with the producer he is currently working with.

The recently released single “Second Wave Of Pain” is a more vulnerable and personal track. “I laid it all out on the line. I want my listeners to take what they hear and form their own feelings and opinions. With that being said, that song is a line by line true story,” remarks the singer. Leidl is currently hoping to play more venues around Nashville and continue to build up his portfolio. He plans to release songs on a very consistent basis this year, so make sure to watch out for what he has in store.

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