Jackson Dean 'GREENBROKE' Album Review

Maryland native, Jackson Dean, started making a name for himself by selling out bars around

town. Never focused on fame, he carved a path of his own design though the music industry. Now working as a Big Machine recording artist, Dean’s debut album, GREENBROKE, has been released today, March 11th 2022.

Paired together with Grammy- nominated songwriter and producer Luke Dick, Dean has songwriting credits for every single song on the album. Digging a little deeper into topics, Dean’s baritone demands attention while flirting on the edge of fringe. His lyrics encourage fans to reach into a part of themselves not always accessible in music.

GREENBROKE brings a gritty feel to the table which makes each track stand out on its own. The collection of songs varies in multiple styles keeping the attention of listeners the entire way through. With slower ballad style tracks such as “Fearless,” “Superstitions,” and “Wings,” Dean opens up his vulnerable, reflective side giving the audience permission to do the same. Some classic country spunk with a killer rock twist is shown with “Don’t Come Lookin,'” and “Red Light."

Of course, the star of the show, and the final track in the collection is “Greenbroke." The

production and song create an entire mood that teaches the audience to dive into having less regret and understanding more about the hunger that drives passion.

Unique to Dean, this country rock collection with the production and songwriting is a refreshing take on modern topics. Not a typical country sound which will really make Dean stand out amongst the crowd.

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