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Jackson Michelson “Amplifier” Song Review

Growing up in Corvallis Oregon, attentive of his mothers favorite country songs and his father’s soul, rising country star Jackson Michelson was bound for success from the start. Sparking Michelson’s interest in this career was his older brother who toured as a Christian artist. After traveling with his brother to help in any way he could, he arrived back at home with great ambition. It wasn’t long after that he started playing in bands close to home and creating songs of his own. Keeping up with his high-energy, feel-good pattern, “Amplifier” was released on Friday, June 25th.

Michelson is used to writing and recording his own music, as he loves to publicize engaging, good-natured story line songs. Even though he didn’t serve as a writer for this track, he knew right away he had to record it. “‘Amplifier’ is a song that the moment I heard it, I knew it was for me.” Says Michelson in a press release.

The release of Michelson’s previous songs like “The Good Life” and current radio single “Tip Jar”, did a phenomenal job at getting his name out to fans all across the country. As “Amplifier” cranks the volume up to 11, the world is not only going to know his name but will now never forget it.

Jackson Michelson

His excitement for this song as well as what is to come in the future is not just expressed through his words stated in press releases, but also through his powerful delivery as he sings his heart out in this track. Michelson fell in love with the chorus of this song because of how fun it was, showing his appreciation, dedication, and loyalty to releasing songs that’ll keep fans entertained and feeling good.

“Don’t need no airplane / She can take me higher / She’s an eleven on my amplifier / Ain’t just a singer / She’s my whole church choir / I swear I’m smoke / Because that girl is fire”

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