Jaden Hamilton “Heaven’s Jukebox” Song Review

Jaden Hamilton’s new song “Heaven’s Jukebox” is here and available everywhere you buy and stream music now.

It’s not every day that a high school quarterback becomes an online music sensation. That’s exactly what happened when Jaden Hamilton published his reimagined cover of Ron Pope’s “A Drop in The Ocean” on Instagram. Raised in Prairieville, Louisiana, the rising singer-songwriter moved to Nashville following his increasing online success. He quickly earned a large country music fanbase with his debut hits “Slip On Back,” “Thing About Me,” and “Ride it out.”

Hamilton’s latest track, “Heaven’s Jukebox,” dropped on April 30th and will undoubtedly gain him further acclaim. This daydreaming track about the afterlife will have you slow jamming in your kitchen. It’s an undeniably catchy love song to country music with a lightness to it that cleverly balances the weighty theme.

Jaden Hamilton Heaven's Jukebox

The listener is transported into a country bar mood with the initial scratching record sounds of a jukebox selecting a song to play. Hamilton’s fresh, youthful spin on classic country is irresistible from the upbeat rhythms to the hopeful lyrics.

“If Heaven’s got a jukebox, I hope it’s filled up with country songs. I hope it’s got a dance floor, so we can two-step to ‘em all night long.”

His understated delivery feels casual in a good way and pairs perfectly with the message of finding what you love and doing it forever. As simple and laid-back as it sounds, it weaves a difficult topic into a touching reminder to appreciate and hold onto the things we love.

Hamilton’s genuine loving respect for country music is palpable in every beat and lyric of this track. He’s doing what he loves and it shows. It also makes for a really good song.

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