Jake Banfield “Nothing Like That” Song Review

Jake Banfield released his new single “Nothing Like That” on February 17, 2022. The new song hit all streaming platforms this past week. Written by Banfield with Brandon Manley, Kellen Hines, and Seth Alley their lyrics open up past wounds saying, “Moonlight, 2am / I’m never going back there again / truck bed, you said I think we should just be friends/ And I remember acting like everything was okay mhmm.”

This song follows Benfield’s most recent single release in January 2022, “Sleeping Alone.”  “Nothing Like That”, with a more passionate approach and drum underlay background, is fairly more up-tempo than the piano and vocal January release. Throughout the song Banfield’s delivery attempts to hide how hurt he really is by the girl’s rejection in the song conveyed by the lyrics, “You left me a broken man  / Things I said to you I’ll never say again / I don’t know when everything changed / but I will never be the same.”

The young artist who just turned 22 on February 2, 2022 (2.2.22) captioned part of one of his Instagram posts, “lots of new stuff on the way,” on January 31, 2022. Indeed he’s anticipating this year to be a prosperous one and a year to grow from the older and more seasoned artists he looks up to.

Resembling a young Sam Hunt in his music style, give him a listen as he finds his niche breaking into the country music world. Some of his other notable releases that teeter the pop-country line like “Sleeping Alone”, “Can’t Like Go”, “Hold Me” and his duo in 2020 with Duane Wave called “Lost and Confused”.

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