Jake Banfield “Sleeping Alone” Song Review

Jake Banfield has seen previous success with top artists like Madison Beer and Little Mix, and even more recently on the social media platform TikTok where he has nearly surpassed one million followers. His most popular songs, “Hold Me,” “If I Were You,” and “Just a Memory,” all written by him with a few others like Brandon Manley and Kellen Hines, showcase his sense of depth through vulnerability and multiple genres. Each song encompasses a different genre entirely, and their popularity in each is a testament to Banfield’s fluidity in the music business.

Banfield’s newest single, “Sleeping Alone” does everything–and there is no problem with that. Just like his other songs, the newest addition shows a vulnerable side of Banfield with heartbreaking lyrics and memorable metaphors.

“I’ve been sleepin’ alone, this house ain’t no home / I’m layin’ in this bed all up in my head / And I’m rollin’ up smoke / Girl I’ve been up all night turnin’ side to side / I don’t know where to go, don’t know how to cope / Cause you’re sleepin’ with him and I’m sleepin’ alone.”

Banfield’s new single is one of the finest examples of the modern integration of music into the country genre. The song is a heartbreak ballad, country love song, pop outcry, and alternative hit all in one, and Banfield does it perfectly. The pain in his voice begs to be heard within the vulnerable lyrics and country sound, backed by a softer, emotional track. At just 21 years old, he is breaking all barriers when it comes to the idea of music genres.

"Sleeping Alone" by Jake Banfield

“’Cause all my friends tell me I should move on / Remember when you could do no wrong? / Now baby girl it’s been so long since you said ‘so long.’”

Banfield’s versatility across all music genres calls for a very diverse, yet devoted fanbase of listeners all around the world. And no matter what their preferred genre, all 886.1k of his TikTok followers have expressed excitement over the all-around sensational “Sleeping Alone.” This diversity alone is what will secure Jake Banfield’s success across the country music genre, and more.

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