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Jake Banfield "Supaman" Song Review

Jake Banfield is rapidly gaining fame on TikTok, taking advantage of it by releasing his newest single, “Supaman.” Its strong baseline and upbeat pop-country sound are reminiscent of Thomas Rhett. Banfield is not a carbon copy of Rhett however, he has his own unique tone that accentuates the country twang of his voice.

The song is humble about Banfield’s way of life, but it also expresses a particular pride in the comfort he finds within his routine. He articulates his tame lifestyle with affection, “Saturday is the party / Sundays are for church / And it may not sound like much / But man to me it is heaven on Earth.”

Banfield is evidence that a career can grow from social media; his TikTok account has amassed nearly 900k followers and he is receiving at least 1,000 views per post. With TikTok being his most popular account, he is taking new strides in social media that demonstrate its heavy influence as the future of celebrities speedily approaches.

Photo credit: Devin Diaz

The new track is yet another summer tune for a party or a day at the beach. It has a sound that calls for the listener to kick back and crack open a beer on a hot day with friends. Its sound is addictive for the listener and easy to keep on repeat without getting sick of it. Keep an eye out for “Supaman” and all of Banfield’s upcoming re