Jake Owen “Best Thing Since Backroads” Song Review

Jake Owen released a new song titled “Best Thing Since Backroads” on Friday, August 6. The Florida native is known for making hit after hit, as he has nine #1 songs to prove it. Fans have been waiting for new music from Owen, and “Best Thing Since Backroads” is a radio-made song worth the wait.

Owen has always put his own stamp on country music. Combining elements from other genres is what many country artists have done to modernize the country sound. Even with that in mind, Owen is still authentically country. His most recent #1 “Made For You” has a message as real and as country as can be. Owen is a veteran in the music industry, but fans always look forward to seeing what he does next.

“Best Thing Since Backroads” has an opening guitar riff that instantly hooks you in, almost like the feeling when watching the opening credits of a movie. Owen’s voice is just as strong in what is one of his most downhome country tracks. “I been down everyone in this county, at least a couple thousand times, they can get these four-wheels from A to B, oh but there can’t take me where you take me.” 

Jake Owen

Owen kicks the song from country to country-rock when the chorus comes around. “You’re the best thing since backroads baby, pedal to the metal with the windows down, sunshine setting on a cross that saved me, hanging from a rearview in red dirt clouds.” This track was written by Hunter Phelps, Ben Johnson, Geoff Warburton, and Jordan Minton. Warburton had started his career writing with Shawn Mendes, and this is his first country single. Though Owen is not often thought of as a traditionalist, “Best Thing Since Backroads” might earn him a slew of new fans.

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