Jake Owen “Fishin’ On A River” Song Review

Big Loud Records’ multi-platinum country star Jake Owen from Winter Haven, Florida began his musical journey by teaching himself how to play guitar while recovering from a physical injury. Regular gigs performing at a bar led to songwriting which led to a move to Music City.

Owen achieved his first No. 1 hit in Nashville with the title track to his third album in 2011 with the wildly popular, multi-platinum track “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.” Owen now has nine number one hits under his belt, six top-charting albums, and several multi-platinum hits.

“Fishin’ On A River” dropped on February 18th as the third release to set the foundation for an upcoming studio album launch that will follow the career-highlighting success of his 2019 album, Greetings From…Jake.

“Fishin’ On A River” is a cleverly-written song that tells the story of how heartbreak can come out of nowhere and blindside you. It’s a relatable tale of life chugging along smoothly when a left turn abruptly throws it off-course. One second, you’re on your way fishing, the next second you’re in a bar nursing a broken heart.

“I had already stopped by the bait shop / Filled up the cooler and the tank and the tackle box / Weatherman calling for cloudy and eighty-two/Sundown it’s a full moon / I had my old red danger all shined up / My good rods and a better day lined up / I was ready to go / And it turned out she was too / So now I’m sitting in a bar instead of fishing on a river.”

While “Fishin’ On A River” is a reminiscent song about losing the girl, Owen’s smooth vocals and clean guitar sound work with the lyrics to convey a mood of acceptance.

“I oughta be tired of throwin’ them back by now / But there I am letting her go / Throwing them back right now / Sitting in a bar instead of fishing on a river.”

Fishin’ days, like relationships, don’t always work out as we plan and it takes time to adjust and process change before we can move on. The track’s lyrical conviction and Owen’s steadfast delivery exude reassurance of a better tomorrow reinforced by the upbeat nature of a swaying rhythm and a catchy hook. “Fishin’ On A River” is the sing-along, moving-on country song we all deserved.

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