Jameson Rodgers “Good Dogs” Song Review

“But good dogs don’t live long enough…”

Ain’t that the truth. Jameson Rodgers shares a sentiment that unfortunately, pet owners know all too well, that you only get so long with man’s best friend. The Mississippi native is sharing a new track from his upcoming EP, slated for release on April 23rd, and “Good Dogs” is an emotional tribute.

Jameson Rodgers Photo Credit Matthew Berinato

“Good trucks they’ll run forever if you keep oil in ’em and you treat ’em right / a good woman holds you together, she’ll stick with you for the rest of your life / good buddies will always come runnin’, got your back no matter what, but good dogs don’t live long enough”

The melancholy yet simple production allow the lyrics and the story to unfold, and if you have ever loved a dog, the tears to certainly well up in your eyes. “My purpose that I know right now is that I want to leave the world a better place than I found it. And the best chance I have of doing that is writing and singing songs,” he says in a press release about the project.

As he continues to celebrate the success of his debut single “Some Girls” as well as his hot summer hit “Cold Beer’s Calling My Name” which features superstar Luke Combs, Rodgers is ready to release a new chapter for his evergrowing fanbase. PreSave In It For The Money now.

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