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Jameson Rodgers ‘In It For The Money’ EP

Jameson Rodgers’ brand new collection of songs ‘In It For The Money’ is available everywhere you buy or stream music now.

Celebrating the success of his gold-certified, number one hit “Some Girls” as well as his current radio single with Luke Combs “Cold Beer Calling My Name”, Jameson Rodgers is ready to start the next chapter of his career with his new EP, In It For the Money. This collection of songs was mostly thought of and created in a small cabin just outside of Nashville with some of his favorite songwriter friends.

The Mississippi native continues to reveal his truth through songwriting and release relatable tracks that his ever-growing fan base will absolutely love. The previously released track “Good Dogs” is an ode to man’s best friend and the cherished years that a real good dog will give you. In a recent interview about the project, Rodgers chats about that song saying, “They are like family members…and unfortunately, they don’t get to spend as much as here as we do”. Grab a few tissues, and your dog and hold them tight as you listen to this one.

The title track is the most authentic on the project, highlighting the sometimes harsh reality that comes along with following a dream. “It’s just our stories of us paying dues throughout the last ten years,” he told us. “I would just do this for a just getting by salary… I would literally just keep doing it forever until I’m dead and gone.” “In It For The Money” showcases a smattering of electric guitar riffs and Rodgers’ twangy excellence. “That long road to the top ain’t paid with sold out shows, if I was in it for the money, I woulda quit a long time ago,” he sings.

Good music and beer – two things that certainly go together, especially when Rodgers is singing about “Drinkin’ beer, singing songs, Rolling Rock and Rolling Stones” . You can already envision fans at a live show waving their beers in the air during the catchy ‘hey hey na na‘ before the chorus hits. This mid-tempo track written by Rodgers along with Jake Mitchell, Smith Ahnquist, and Hunter Phelps, paints the perfect picture of a good night with friends, a cold drink, and classic music.

“My purpose that I know right now is that I want to leave the world a better place than I found it,” he says in a recent press release. “And the best chance I have of doing that is writing and singing songs.” This weekend turn up this project and enjoy fresh new music from the on the rise star.

In It For The Money Track List: 1. Cold Beer Calling My Name (Jameson Rodgers/Brett Tyler/Hunter Phelps/Alysa Vanderhym) 2. Good Dogs (Jameson Rodgers/Hunter Phelps/Jake Mitchell/Brent Anderson) 3. Some Girls (Michael Hardy/Jake Mitchell/C.J. Solar) 4. In It for the Money (Jameson Rodgers/Jake Mitchell/Hunter Phelps/Brent Anderson) 5. Rolling Rock, Rolling Stones (Jameson Rodgers/Jake Mitchell/Smith Ahnquist/Hunter Phelps) 6. When You Think Of Mississippi (Jameson Rodgers/Smith Ahnquist/Jake Mitchell/Josh Miller) 7. Desert (Jameson Rodgers/Josh Miller/Jake Mitchell/Smith Ahnquist)

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