Jana Kramer “Voices” Song Review

Country singer and One Tree Hill actress Jana Kramer released her brand new single “Voices:” Kramer’s first single of 2021 and the first since her divorce. This year, the country music scene has been graced with new and powerful music from female artists who have gone through extremely visible divorces in front of the general public. Carly Pearce and Kacey Musgraves released new albums that detail their heartbreak and now Kramer adds her voice to the ever-growing list of artists reclaiming their power through their music.

On social media, Kramer spoke to the message of the song by stating, “For years, I’ve repeated patterns, fallen into the trap of believing those voices, hurting myself and hurting others because of my desire to be chosen, to be enough.” She continues on, “Now is the time to grow, learn, HEAL, and love ourselves. We are enough.”

The song begins with a soft acoustic guitar playing in the background overpowered by plucks from an electric guitar. The opening lines are jarring as Kramer states, “I am strong, I am beautiful / The girl I used to be, she was confident and free and happy / I don’t recognize myself or this person in the mirror staring back at me.” The first words read as affirmations. As if Kramer is speaking to herself while looking in the mirror and ends up falling down a rabbit hole of negative, insecure emotions.

"Voices" by Jana Kramer

In the chorus, Kramer goes to battle with herself and her own thoughts as she exclaims, “I’m fighting voices in my head / Voices in my head telling me that I’m not good enough / I’m not pretty and I’m broken / I’m not worthy of love / Voices in my head telling me that I should give up.” The song’s premise is based on a devastating reality that we are oftentimes our own worst critics. Because of the song’s ability to describe a feeling that so many people experience on a regular basis, the song shot up to the second spot on the Country iTunes chart right after its release. It currently sits comfortably at number 20 on the all-genre chart.

The final chorus sparks a victorious feeling as Kramer goes from fighting the inner voices to singing, “I’m done with voices in my head.” The emotion in her voice this time around feels positive; it feels relieved and shines with newfound energy. At the very end, she states the same two phrases she opened the song with, “I am strong, I am beautiful” and this time it’s more believable.

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