Jason Aldean 'Georgia' Album Review

Jason Aldean released his brand new album Georgia on Friday, April 22nd. This is the second installment of his plan to release a double album honoring his hometown of Macon, Georgia. Macon was released last November and included the massive hit “If I Didn’t Love You” featuring Carrie Underwood. Aldean had previously mentioned on social media that this record is a very "special one" to him, and everyone is now able to hear why.

Aldean is an entertainer that does everything in his power to keep his fans wanting more. After releasing Macon late last year, he released five singles that are featured on the newly released LP. “Whiskey Me Away,” “God Made Airplanes,” “Rock and Roll Cowboy,” “My

Weakness,” and “Trouble With a Heartbreak” have all won over critics and fans alike.

“Your Mama” exudes the kind of country that feels more familiar than contemporary. On this track, Aldean is singing to his son Memphis. He pays adoring compliments to his wife, Brittany, while letting his son know how lucky they all are to have her. He exclaims, "Your mama, she’ll hold your world together, be there to make you better, she’ll live in you forever even when you go.” A softer side of Aldean’s world is shown on this song that makes the whole record feel that much more personal.

Aldean has several hit songs about getting through heartbreak, and “The State I’m In” definitely falls into that category. Much like the message from his classic hit “The Truth,” Aldean asks that people talk of how he’s moved on, even if he hasn’t yet. He would much rather move from state to state than deal with his troubles. This track as well as “Midnight Missing You” sound like the Georgia native’s signature style: melodic lyrics with a band that rocks you to your core. “I keep running to your memory, around midnight and missing you.”

Every now and then, hip-hop stylings seems to find there way into Aldean’s storied catalog; “Ain’t Cowboy Enough” is the latest example. This is an interesting song title for a singer known for wearing a cowboy hat everywhere he goes. The lyrics talk about not being the typical “pick up and ride off into the sunset” kind of cowboy as he states,“Baby why you gotta love and look so good, make it hard for a man to do what he knows he should.”

Through his 10th studio record, Aldean shows that he's able to speak to his fans while making music that also speaks to him. He blends these mutual wants and needs into a well thought-out project with meaning.

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