Jason Aldean “Trouble With A Heartbreak” Song Review

Multi-platinum country music singer Jason Aldean is set to release the second installment of his 10th studio album titled Macon, Georgia (in honor of his hometown) on April 22nd. A single featured on that album “Trouble With a Heartbreak” dropped on January 14th and follows his recent success with his 26th career chart-topper and multi-week number 1 hit “If I Didn’t Love You” featuring Carrie Underwood.

“Trouble With A Heartbreak” is the break-up song we’ve been missing. This reminiscent track whole-heartedly captures how hard heartbreak hits and how painstakingly difficult it is to move on. Rather than an angry moving-on song or a wallowing-in-sorrow ballad, “Trouble With a Heartbreak” refreshingly honors the feelings of grief that follow a break-up in an honest and reinvigorating way.

“Don’t let anybody tell ya it’s gonna be easy (‘cause it ain’t easy) / Don’t let anyone tell ya they know what it’s like, mmh, when they say ‘Get out on this town, meet somebody new, get lost in the crowd’ / All I see is you / Don’t let anybody tell ya it’s gonna be easy.”

The accompanying music video fits the narrative perfectly with its somber and gritty portrayal of a rodeo cowboy haunted by the memory of love lost. It is cathartic to listen to songs that help us vent our anger or cheer us up after a heartbreak, but hearing a song that validates the true Sisyphean struggle that follows is priceless to the healing process. Aldean delivers this thoughtful lyrical triumph with a husky voice balanced seamlessly by some R&B undertones and a catchy, melodious chorus.

“And that’s the trouble with a heartbreak / It’s gonna hang around, leave you midnight breaking down, wondering how long that it’s gonna take getting over her / It’s a can’t drown whiskey down kinda hurt / Yeah, you can burn them four wheels up on that road, but there ain’t nowhere her memory can’t go / That’s the trouble with a heartbreak / Yeah, that’s the trouble with a heartbreak, a heartbreak yeah.”

Aldean’s new track is the perfect listen to have on repeat when nursing a broken heart.

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