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JD Shelburne 'Neon Hallelujah' Album Review

Country artist JD Shelburne released his latest album, Neon Hallelujah on July 28th, 2023. The 14-track album features 11 brand-new songs; the tone of the album is gritty but fun. Shelburne does not hold back and seems to always speak his mind. This LP is a testament to Shelburne’s ability to evolve as an artist and shows off just how talented the Kentucky native is.

The album opens with one of the most impressive tracks, “Cars & Trucks.” This tune will have listeners bopping their heads from the first note. Shelburne’s ability to capture snapshots of life within his lyrics shines through in this stunning entryway. With an incredibly catchy chorus and poignant lyrics, Shelburne may have stumbled upon the song of the summer.

The title track is possibly Shelburne’s best song to date. “Neon Hallelujah” is more than just an instant classic, it feels as if it has always been here, just waiting to be written. Shelburne has struck gold with “Neon Hallelujah.” In the whirlwind of a chorus, Shelburne exclaims, “When the whiskey buzz starts to move yah / Friday feeling cuts right through yah / That’s the good lord talking to ya / That's a neon hallelujah.”