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Jennifer Hart Speaks About Debut EP, '1992'

Jennifer Hart is an artist who brings the most personal touch to her music. Her debut EP, 1992, showcases her vision in the best possible way. Following her EP release party presented by The Nash News, she discussed her career and the new music she is eager for fans to enjoy.

For Hart, her journey almost looked a little different. "I was really into math and loved it, so in college, I thought I would want to be an engineer of some sort. I also always wanted to give music a shot, so I ended up taking the music route," she tells us. Upon making the journey to Nashville, the hopeful singer realized the path isn't so easy. "When I first moved here I was like, 'I'm gonna win a Grammy in two years.' Then reality started to set in," shares Hart. She also had a note of advice for other hopefuls wanting to pursue a career in music. "The people who make it are the ones who persevere. If someone can talk you out of it, you shouldn't be doing it."

1992 feels like a long time coming for Hart as she states, "I feel like I've been working on this for 30 years. Specifically, I was writing this EP for two years. It feels really good to finally have what I've worked so hard on out. It's a mix of 'oh my gosh finally' and also feeling like we're on a new level."

Each song on this project represents a different glimpse of who Hart really is. The song "18" for example, was written with a personal message in mind. "That song is about wishing you had met your person sooner than you did. It's a very real song to me. I say it to my boyfriend all the time," she exclaims noting its prevalence. The title track speaks to not feeling like one has it all figured out when you feel like you should. Inspired by Hart's own experiences and learned lessons, it's a track that many can hear themselves in.