Jessie James Decker ‘The Woman I’ve Become’ EP Review

Beloved singer/songwriter, and social media personality, Jessie James Decker highlights her own celebration of personal growth with her seven-track EP, The Woman I’ve Become. Since she first made her mark on the Nashville country music scene at the age of fifteen, she’s done nothing less than an exponential amount of growth in both her music career and personal relationships. At just 33 years old, she defines vulnerability in relation to herself, her husband, her family, and more, in The Woman I’ve Become.

“The Woman I’ve Become is unlike any record I’ve ever created,” Decker shares. “It’s a true transition from the young girl I was to the woman I have become. I’ve never been this vulnerable before. I think life changes and growth have made me confident enough to show that vulnerable side.”

Decker revealed that, after its August release, her hit single “Should Have Known Better” would be the first of seven tracks releasing on October 22nd. The song, which hit No. 2 on the iTunes Country release chart, is a self-love anthem for the girls in which she excitedly declares “I moved on, Hallelujah!” We can already see the girl’s nights that have us screaming the lyrics after healing from a breakup.

“So I’ve been loving myself like you never loved me / And if it hurts like hell, you can only blame yourself / Should have known better than to break my heart / Oh, ain’t it funny? No, I never looked better and it’s all your fault”

Along with this announcement, Decker paired “Not In Love With You”, a ballad filled with strength. This song features the other side of the coin that “Should Have Known Better” doesn’t– the process of healing. The lyrics of the song easily resonate with anyone recovering from an emotionally intimate relationship as she reveals the healing process as the song progresses. “Dial your number / Hang up / Baby steps / Baby steps / I still wear your t-shirt / Yeah, I guess I’m making progress.” All moments we can relate to in the first stages of a breakup, but can happily say we also feel it in our bones when she ends the song with “But at least I’m not in love with you.

While “Girls Like To Dance” pulls on our heartstrings with the feelings of the first meetings, having a crush, and butterflies in our stomach, “Tell You Enough” solidifies the passion of a long-term relationship with a classic southern sound. “Tell You Enough” is a personal love letter wrapped into three minutes in which Decker outlines the reasons she loves and appreciates her partner.

The lyrics of “Dance With Someone Else” are a testament to the personal growth Jessie James Decker defines this album as. The somber tune tells the story of a breakup with no hard feelings, in which the two involved are not bitter and hope for happiness, even if it doesn’t include them.

“This part ain’t easy / It’s hard as hell / But I hope the right song comes along / And you dance with someone else / I hope you never keep dreaming bigger / Than anyone I’ve ever known / And you hold on to your sense of worth / Even when you’re old”

Track seven has by far the most character with the upbeat tune and radiating confidence. In “I Need A Man”, Decker admits to what may be deemed controversial by some, with just the title alone. After establishing her own personal success, growth, confidence, and more, she belts, “I’m an independent woman / But I gotta say so / I need a man / Yes ma’am I do.” Being one of the two songs with writing credits from Decker herself, we have not only her to thank, but her inspiration for a song about healthy marriages, @ericdecker himself.

What we’ve all been waiting for, the title track “The Woman I’ve Become” begins with what might be Decker’s biggest testimony to the very woman she is today, the sound of her children’s laughter. The song is dedicated to growing and maturing as a woman, mother, wife, and person. Although she shares a great amount of her personal family life on Instagram, “The Woman I’ve Become” holds the most vulnerability we’ve heard from Decker in her entire career. It’s a personal, yet relatable piece from beginning to end that we can’t stop replaying to heal our own souls through Decker’s passion and lyricism.

With the help of Warner Music Nashville, Atlantic Records, The Big Yellow Dog– and most of all, her own personal life experiences– Jessie James Decker has created an unskippable album from beginning to end that takes us through every stage of a relationship. Butterflies to breakup, first love to marriage, even confidence and vulnerability, Decker envelopes us in her personal reflection of self-growth, inspiring us to do the same with every word. 

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