Jet Jurgensmeyer 'Phase 1: Discover' Album Review

At only 17 years old, actor and singer-songwriter Jet Jurgensmeyer has released his second album, Phase1: Discover. Though not college-aged yet, Jurgensmeyer is beginning to make a name for himself in the music industry. His youthful voice is skillful and dynamic, with a range that emphasizes the music with his ability to hit higher pitches.

The turmoil of heartbreak is not something that can be easily overlooked, and Jurgensmeyer feels every ounce of emotion in “Can’t Decide.” The uptempo song is a commentary on the thoughts that run through someone’s head after a break up as he remarks, “If I ever say I’m over you / Then I lie / Because I can’t decide.”

The pop-country song, “Goin’ Home,” looks beyond the breakup, to the feeling that arises when you have finally moved on. He feels stronger without the lingering attachment to the girl that broke his heart. “A girl like you don’t deserve me / all you did was hurt me / you don’t have to worry / I’m better off on my own.”

The closer on the LP, “Years,” focuses on life as a whole. He sings about how we should not just live in the moment, but appreciate the years to come. He wants to enjoy the future as he exclaims, “You might be older and probably wiser / You don’t get where you are without some scars.” For such a young artist, the song speaks of the future very wisely, that it is something to look forward too.

The album is proof that the younger generations can skillfully articulate the same sentiments that past country artists have, and in the same artistic manner. Jurgensmeyer is no longer just an actor, he is also on the path to becoming a name in the country music scene.

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