Jon Langston “When You’re Lonely” Song Review

Jon Langston released his brand new single titled “When You’re Lonely” on Friday, October 22nd. Over the summer, Langston featured on the Noah Hicks single “Drinking in a College Town,” but “When You’re Lonely” offers a different feeling. This new single might just be what sets this singer-songwriter to new heights.

The Georgia native might seem like a rising star to many, but he’s been around for quite some time. His debut single “Forever Girl” released back in 2013 was the first song he had ever written. After his self-titled EP came out in 2015, Luke Bryan invited him to join ‘The Farm Tour’ in 2017. Bryan eventually asked him to join his 2019 tour as well. Currently, Langston has accumulated over 500 million streams. His most recent single “Now You Know” reached within the top 30 at country radio.

“When You’re Lonely” showcases the raw and gritty vocal talent Langston possesses. The guitar melody alongside those vocals helps to draw in the listener to every word he is saying. “You only love me when you’re lonely,” is the hook that many can identify with once hearing it. This track has an emotional undertone, but the up-tempo production gives fans something to jam out to.

The ups and downs that come with getting over someone is topic often written about in country music. This song manages to perfectly bottle up the frustration when you know the other person can’t make up their mind about how they feel towards you. “I remember when you told me, I’ll never see you again. Yeah, it happens every time, make up your damn mind. We both know we can’t be just friends.” Langston has a single that could be fit for a successful radio contender.

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