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Jon Pardi "Saturday Night" Song Review

One of country's favorite cowboys has a new song out titled "Mr. Saturday Night." This also happens to the name of his upcoming album available on September 2nd.

Pardi has grown into one of Nashville's major hitmakers. His songs seem to ignite the desire for cowboy-esque country music. His most recent album Heartache Medication now only spawned several hit songs, it was also nominated for both ACM and CMA Album of the Year. Fans have been eagerly awaiting even more new music since the release of "Last Night Lonely," so this should satisfy that need.

“I feel like everybody wants to be Mr. Saturday Night at one point on the weekend and have a good time. But then you hear the song and – the way it’s so well written – it’s a sad song, but you don’t go there right away, because it’s also a fun song. That’s the thing about ‘Mr. Saturday Night,’ it’s more than meets the eye. It’s all fun until you get to the chorus," shared Pardi per press release.

The lyrics prove to be more introspective, quite like Pardi admitted. "They think I'm the life of this whole bar, but if she walked in, my act would fall apart, so I buy a round, and shut it down, and never leave alone." Pardi sings about the loneliness that comes with being known for being the party's life. His new music seems to be another added look at a singer who still has more to achieve.

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