Jon Wayne Hatfield "You & Me" Song Review

Singer-songwriter Jon Wayne Hatfield has released his new single "You & Me."Hatfield shows his range with this track, which is bound to draw in new fans.

Hatfield hails from Ohio but has been in the Nashville scene for the last few years. He has garnered attention on TikTok with over 280,000 followers. He also received more than five million views on Youtube for covering Elvie Shane's "My Boy." Hatfield's debut single "What A Truck Is For" was released back in 2020. Since then, he has put out several more singles with an EP expected for release this year.

"You & Me" is a sweet track that feels like it's made to be sung by Hatfield. The song is about seeing forever with someone from the very first sight. There might be a hundred ways to tell someone you love them, but Hatfield manages to create a song that takes it to another level. "Cause you and me together, could be that forever, that makes all our friends pray and wish, they could find someone like we did." It's as catchy as a song could be, and is the perfect choice for any couple to sing along too.

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