Jordan Davis ‘Buy Dirt’ EP Review

Jordan Davis is back with a brand-new project that’s fit for a newcomer cementing his place in country music. The singer-songwriter from Shreveport, Louisiana released his EP Buy Dirt on Friday May 21st.  This eight-song feel-good EP is sure to have something for everyone.

Buy Dirt follows the 2018 album Home State which featured three #1 hits: “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” “Take it From Me,” and “Singles You Up.” Davis’ fresh take on the current country music sound speaks to his diverse music taste. “I never felt drawn to one specific genre. I was just drawn to songwriting. It didn’t matter if I was listening to folk music or southern rock- if it was a well-crafted song, it would pull me in,” said Davis in a press release about the project.

The EP starts off strong with the title track “Buy Dirt” ft. Luke Bryan. This song also serves as the centerpiece of the project. The unprecedented times of the past year caused Davis to reflect on what truly matters in life. “When Covid hit, I was worried that I’d lost a career that I’d spent my entire life building. It took me a couple months to realize I already had everything I needed – a roof over my head, a beautiful daughter that I could watch grow up, and an amazing wife. I had my family, faith, and friends,” said Davis. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy dirt.”

Another highlight on the project that is perfect for airplay is “Need To Not.” The fast tempo track is about knowing it’s not smart to go back to an old flame. Another fast tempo stand out on the record is “Drink Had Me.” “I went in to have one drink, but the drink had me,” sings Davis. Both songs would be perfect contenders for hits come summertime.

Davis is known for his catchy hooks and lyrics that come straight from the heart, but this collection of songs continues to show his range as an artist. “I Still Smoked” is a great example of his depth when it comes to songwriting. Featured at the end of the EP, this track sums up the nostalgia and lessons learned that inspired Davis to record this project. Buy Dirt explores all the familiar topics of country music while giving it a modern flare.

Buy Dirt Track Listing:

  1. Blow Up Your TV (Written by John Prine and Jeffrey Bradford Kent)

  2. Buy Dirt (feat. Luke Bryan) (Written by Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)

  3. Need To Not (Written by Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)

  4. Drink Had Me (Written by Jordan Davis, Ashley Gorley, Emily Weisband, Paul DiGiovanni)

  5. Lose You (Written by Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, Josh Kerr, Josh Dorr)

  6. Almost Maybes (Written by Jordan Davis, Jesse Frasure, Hillary Lindsey)

  7. I Still Smoked (Written by Jordan Davis, Randy Montana, Jonathan Singleton)

  8. Trying (Written by Jordan Davis, Ashley Gorley, Emily Weisband, Paul DiGiovanni)

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