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Jordan Moore "We Still Got Today" Song Review

Jordan Moore's rise in Nashville continues with the release of his new song "We Still Got Today." His story, like his music, is one to be remembered. This is a track that surely everyone will gravitate towards.

Moore comes from a small town where sports might be one of the most important things in a young person's life. As a football standout, he shined on the field. He also had a strong music foundation, and often times he wondered which path to take. Moore grew up and ultimately decided to put a musical career on the back burner in favor of a more stable job as a manager of a Nashville car dealership. Music eventually back into his life and he hasn't looked back. His debut single “Hard at Quittin” points to his determination. “Quitting is not in my DNA.I may fail once or twice, but I will never, ever quit," Moore shared per press release.

"We Still Got Today" carries a powerful message just like his other songs. He sings about wanting to love someone until their last days. No matter what may come to pass, he aims to remind someone that they still have today. "That look in your eye keeps me reminded / don't matter what comes tomorrow / baby we still got today." There is an undeniable rock style to this song that allows for his voice to really coney what he is singing about. The track is fresh and fits in to the contemporary sound of today.

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