Jordan Rowe “I Didn’t Sleep Last Night” Song Review

“I Didn’t Sleep Last Night” is the newest song from rising country singer Jordan Rowe; the track serves as the lead single for Rowe’s upcoming album Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy set to drop at the beginning of August. The song starts off with a very atmospheric instrumental introduction. There’s an acoustic guitar, airy drum beats, and string sounds. Rowe’s deep voice is unmissable; when it kicks in for the first verse, you are hit with a charming deep tone and an unforgettable southern twang.

This song has a simple subject matter: trying to get over heartbreak. The way Rowe does it is by going out to find someone new. In the lyrics, he speaks about getting out of his head so that the heartbreak won’t consume his thoughts. The song hits the hardest during the chorus where the drums get heavier and Rowe’s voice fills with intensity as he sings, “We watched the sun come up / And you never even crossed my mind / Nah you didn’t keep me up / But I didn’t sleep last night.”

Jordan Rowe I Didn't Sleep Last Night

Rowe admits to what seems like familiar nights with no rest, but this time it’s because he’s spending those nights with his new love interest. But with a deeper look at the lyrics, it seems like he isn’t truly over his ex like he claims. The whole second verse focuses on this girl he’s trying to get over making listeners assume Rowe is still losing sleep over what once was (even if it isn’t obviously stated.) He confesses, “I bet this morning you got a lot to talk about / Cause I saw your friends see us when we walked out / And I bet it got back to ya by now / For a big city, damn it’s a small town.” The song’s melancholic lyrics backed with an upbeat, catchy tone only adds to the double story that is being conveyed. In the first half of each chorus, he even mentions that the new girl looks like the old one.

This track is relatable, full of mixed emotions, and sonically, very strong for an artist who hasn’t put out his first full length album yet.

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