Jordan Rowe “Mama Ain’t Jesus” feat. Lainey Wilson Song Review

Nashville newcomer Jordan Rowe connected with the “Things A Man Oughta Know” singer + songwriter Lainey Wilson for his breathtaking new single “Mama Ain’t Jesus” released via River House Artists.

The newly released single embodies a downtempo texture laced with beauteous fretwork and emotive strings harmonizing the primal vocal offering as they both pay tribute to their mothers. Wilson’s vocals compliment Rowe’s as she makes her first appearance in the song both singing, “I’ll bet she’ll walk them streets of gold with a silver medal. And while the good Lord comes back down to get us, she’ll fill in. I ain’t been yet, but I’ve got a glimpse of Heaven. ‘Cause Mama ain’t Jesus, but she’s a close second.”

Rowe shared in a press release, “Lainey and I knew this song was going to be special before we even finished writing it. It’s my favorite kind of song, one that hits you right in the heart. There are a lot of country songs about dads and grandpas, but we needed one for the mamas out there.”

Jordan Rowe

“Mama Ain’t Jesus” is the Abel, Georgia native’s fourth single before the release of his highly anticipated full-length record Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy out on August 6th. Eddie Montgomery, Rhett Atkins, and Tracy Lawrence, all country music heroes, also find a home on Rowe’s forthcoming, debut record. “Mama Ain’t Jesus” isn’t the only duet on the assemblage as singer + songwriter Ashland Craft teams up with Rowe on “Who Needs You.” Produced by Derek Wells, the song’s visual component is coupled with the song’s release and is filmed inside of Nashville’s First Evangelical Lutheran Church.

It’s distinguishable that both songwriters love their mamas a whole lot.

Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy Track Listing

  1. “Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy” (Taylor Phillips, Hunter Phelps, Jordan Rowe, Drew Parker)

  2. “Can’t In A Car” (Jordan Rowe, Hunter Phelps, Benjy Davis)

  3. “The Good Ones Do” (Brett Warren, Lance Miller, Brad Warren, Jordan Rowe)

  4. “Who Needs You” feat. Ashland Craft (Jordan Walker, Jordan Rowe, Cole Taylor)

  5. “I Didn’t Sleep Last Night” (Will Weatherly, Thomas Archer, Jordan Rowe)

  6. “Mama Ain’t Jesus” feat. Lainey Wilson (Jordan Rowe, Lainey Wilson)

  7. “Had A Ball” (Jordan Rowe, Jordan Walker, Jacob Davis)

  8. “10-4” feat. Tracy Lawrence, Eddie Montgomery, Rhett Akins (Jordan Rowe, Hunter Phelps, Drew Parker)

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