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Jordyn Shellhart Discusses Debut Album 'Primrose' and the Gift of Vulnerability

Jordyn Shellhart started singing publicly when she was three years old. A knack for songwriting followed as her little self loved to make up aimless little songs. Her natural inclination toward music led to a family decision to pack up and leave the West Coast for Nashville, Tennessee. “My mom came home one day to my brother and I, and she just said, ‘We need to leave California. Jordyn likes to sing; What do y’all think about moving to Nashville?’” So that’s exactly what they did.

Though the proposal seemed crazy, Shellhart got to Nashville and scored her first publishing deal at 14 years old; she played the Grand Ole Opry at 15. "We realized maybe it wasn't such a crazy idea," exclaims Shellhart.

Then, in an unthinkable turn of events, Shellhart lost her voice. Her burgeoning career came to a halt and she lost her record deal with Sony Music. “It totally derailed my artistry not being able to sing. It affected every facet of my life because my identity and who I believed myself to be were so wrapped up in singing,” she notes. “Having to untangle that and thinking, ‘What am I without this thing?’ That was a huge part of my late teens, early 20s.”

In an interview with Billboard, Shellhart shared that looking back on the experience, it was the best thing that could've happened for the sake of her growth as an artist. When asked why, she responds, “Because I signed a publishing deal so young, my formative years as a songwriter were spent co-writing and spent writing with people who were way more experienced than me and had hits. Losing my voice and losing touch with most of those people and having to go back to square one, it forced me to be writing by mys