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Josh Ross "Ain't Doin' Jack" Song Review

Josh Ross is a star on the rise, and his new single surely says why. The singer-songwriter teased "Ain't Doin' Jack" only recently on social media, and now his fans can listen to the full version.

Ross hails from Canada and has been hitting his stride in the last year or so. Singles like "On A Different Night" and "Tall Boys" have showcased his ability to know what dedicated country listeners want to hear. His song "Trouble" released in January of this year has opened him up to an even bigger audience. The song has been attaining high streaming numbers and has been added to country stations across the country. He is currently on tour with Nickelback and Brantley Gilbert. Ross intends to head out on the road providing tour support for Bailey Zimmerman in the early months of 2024.

There's something about the way Ross sings about going through heartbreak that makes it feel believable. He seems to have a good ear for songs that provide a feel-good spirit to connect with others, even through the harder times. "Ain't Doin' Jack" does just that. Ross is curating his own sound by drawing inspiration from early 2000s rock and today's country.

The lyrics are just as easy to gravitate to as the production behind the track. Everyone can understand just wanting to have a night out to forget someone's memory. Ross sings about wanting to do anythin