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Justin Champagne "Know You Better" Song Review

Newcomer Justin Champagne has the perfect, fresh song for summer. The new release "Know You Better" is going to be a great addition to everyone's playlist.

Born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana, Champagne is known for his genre-bending music rooted in the storytelling and sounds of the South. He began making music that was diverse and driven, collaborating with multi-platinum rapper Kevin Gates. His song "Sun Goes Down" garnered more than a million streams on Spotify. Champagne has also collaborated with Snoop Dog on the track "If She Ain't Country." The singer will also be performing on the Reverb Stage during CMA Fest week.

"Know You Better" exudes a fun-loving energy with a country-pop flare. Champagne sings about the chemistry between two people; the initial attraction to someone can be exciting and electric. "I just wanna go downtown / Take you out and show you off / Kinda wanna get dressed up / Live it up like it's Mardi Gras / Kinda wanna burn it down tonight." He possesses the charm and talent that every artist should be equipped with. Only time will tell to see what he does next.

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