Kailey Nicole "She Gone" Song Review

Las Vegas native Kailey Nicole grew up listening to Patsy Cline, Connie Francis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis; all are influences that can be distinctively noticed in her original music that captures her old soul of a spirit. On TikTok, Nicole introduced her new single "She Gone" by stating in a caption, "If you've ever had an ex get drunk and try to get you back...this one's for you."

The brand new track, released today on March 25th, comes after her previous single "Two of a Kind" that came out last month. Since 2021, Nicole has been churning out singles and a debut EP collection that came out nearly a year ago.

"She Gone" starts with an atmospheric soundscape that that burns slowly with a steel guitar humming in the background. The instrumental is fresh and blends a buzzing country sound with a lightly pop-influenced beat. Right away, from the first few lines, Nicole makes her message clear: she's learned her lesson and knows better than to go back to someone who doesn't treat her right.

In the chorus she exclaims with steadfast credence,"Buddy it don't work like that I'm here without you / Still singing that bar with all our friends / I'll take a double shot of what you're not / And just keep on movin' on / I don't wanna tell yah what to do but son / She gone."

Nicole's voice is thick as honey and rings with a traditional country twang. Although Nicole sings about a boy, the lyrics written by Nicole and Noah Gregory Smith feel powerful and true to anyone who is moving on from a broken-down relationship, romantic or not, and tries to hold steady as they push forward. It's a song of redemption and leaving the past behind.

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