Kameron Marlowe “Raise One Up” Song Review

Breakthrough artist, Kameron Marlowe, is continuing to make a name for himself in the country music industry. Since the release of his autobiographical, self-penned song, “Giving You Up” in 2019, Marlowe has had numerous superstar moments. He accumulated over 204 million career on-demand streams, secured a spot on the roster of Columbia Nashville beside some of the best in the genre such as Luke Combs and Maren Morris, and has earned the title of an Artist to Watch in 2021 by many media outlets. The rising star is presently on tour with Brad Paisley and released a new song titled “Raise One Up” today, Friday, October 1st.

The North Carolina native combines all his influences into his music, from Brooks & Dunn and George Strait to Travis Tritt and Ray Charles, creating his own captivating sound that demonstrates his love of country music from the start. He is full of emotive vocals and a rock-inspired sound, determined to be known as the new face of the genre.

The electric entertainer continues to draw attention with his new release. “Raise One Up” is an upbeat, rock-out track. One that leaves you no choice but to listen to it at full volume with buddies and some beer. Marlowe’s voice and the instruments are powerful from start to finish along with the meaning behind the lyrics that seem to say be proud of where you’re from, who you are, and the way you live your life. Take time to reflect on it all and “raise one up” for every sunrise and sunset you’re here for.

"Raise One Up" by Kameron Marlowe

“This is one for them home teamers that’s packin’ them home bleachers, all of them home game Friday nights / All of the sunsets from the back of the truck bedders, watching God paint the sky / Raise one up if you’re a two-lane dirt road junkie / Livin’ on love, lovin’ on a honey / Sweet as honeysuckle growin’ on the vine / Raise one up if you were raised front pew believin’ / Back porch sittin’ and tailgate dreamin.'”

Fans went crazy over “Giving You Up” and will fall just as in love with the new masterpiece too. Marlowe is quickly becoming an undeniable force.

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