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Kameron Marlowe "We Were Cowboys" Song Review

Kameron Marlowe surprised everyone by releasing his new single, "We Were Cowboys." The singer went even further by announcing his new album, with the same name, will be available on August 26.

Marlowe's career is on the rise and gaining more steam with every release. The North Carolina native released his self-titled debut EP back in 2020. His songs "Giving You Up" and "Burn 'Em All" garnered both industry and social media attention. His track "Steady Heart" is a sweet love song that adds to his roster of heartfelt material. Fans can expect honest lyrics with a country-rock flair Marlowe illustrates so well.

"We Were Cowboys" was teased on his social media accounts a while back. Safe to say he enjoyed the fan reaction he received from it. The opening guitar chords instantly hook you into what he's about to sing. Paying homage to the likes of John Wayne and other real-life cowboys, Marlowe reflects on his youth and how he and everyone around him believed they were cowboys.

The style of the track takes it back to the classic country sound. Marlowe's contemporary approach to western folklore suits his wide vocal range perfe