Kane Brown feat. blackbear “Memory” Song Review

Country superstar Kane Brown has always found a seamless way to cross genre lines by releasing songs with artists such as Becky G, Camila Cabello, and Marshmello. Following those collaborations, for his newest song “Memory” released today, July 9th, Brown was accompanied by pop producer/songwriter blackbear. Written by both Brown and blackbear along with Andrew Goldstein, Joe Kirkland, and Ernest Smith, this new track is sure to grab fan’s attention as the lyrics and the emotion behind them are easily relatable.

Right from the beginning of the song you not only grasp onto the message Brown and blackbear are trying to get across, but can also feel it as they actually speak such powerful lyrics before starting to sing them. So many people in today’s world are trying to live life at high speed in order to escape feeling pain. It could work for a short period of time but when that time wears offs, you’re now stuck feeling a little empty.

“I want to live life fast, I don’t know how to slow down / Want to get high, I don’t know how to come down / Help me now, I’m running on empty / And I don’t want to be a memory.”

Brown started teasing what’s to come from him and his new duet partner on his Instagram when he ambiguously posted a picture of two guys in spacesuits with today’s date, 7/9/21.

Along with “Memory” being released to the public today, so was the official music video, which truly helps in bringing the purpose of the track to life. It provides the people watching and listening with a visual as they follow along and ponder about times in their own lives that left them feeling somewhat helpless.

“Drinking every day till the memories fade away / I don’t want to die but I don’t want to live this way.”

This catchy mid-tempo track on the surface may be another hit for Brown that is played across tailgates and at bars this summer, however, when you dig a little deeper, and really listen to the lyrics, a painful image of depression and isolation is painted. In a day and age where so many suffer, feeling like maybe even celebrities and your favorite artists may have these emotions too, can bring a new hope to fans.

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