Kane Brown “Leave You Alone” Song Review

The rising country star, Kane Brown, released a new single titled “Leave You Alone” today on March 4th, 2022. One of the country genre’s steady leading men is known to sometimes “leak” little snippets of upcoming music from future albums and such, but Brown has remained lips sealed for this new track.

The song opens with a soft guitar strumming that rolls smoothly into Brown’s opening lyrics, “I know I don’t say you’re beautiful enough but that don’t mean it ain’t on my mind / And I know sometimes we have differences and fight / But I hate when I see you cry.”

Coming up on his fourth wedding anniversary with his wife Katelyn Jae Brown this October, the singer constantly finds inspiration from their relationship. The new song, taking a slower pace compared to the radio hit “One Mississippi,” was written with the intention of ensuring his wife his steadfastness in their relationship.

"Leave You Alone" by Kane Brown

The chorus starts with lines, “My love won’t leave you alone / Just so you know when I say forever girl I mean I’m never ever gonna do you wrong / And I won’t let you go.” One might jump to conclusions based on the song’s title that this track might contain themes of loneliness, leaving someone, and heartbreak. Here, Brown does the exact opposite with the play on words in the title flowing into the strongest promise he makes, “My love song leave you alone.”

All the way through, Brown captivates his audience with deep and sturdy vocals paired with instruments that build as the song inches towards the bridge then he falls back into the sultry calm vocals towards the end once again. This song mirrors his social media presence with the strong bond and commitment he has to his wife and to their family. Dedicated and not leaving, that’s Kane Brown in music and in real life.

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