Karley Scott Collins “Heavenly” Song Review

Karley Scott Collins, a singer-songwriter from Florida, definitely knows how to make a grand entrance into the music scene with her new and first-ever single, “Heavenly.” Despite this being Collins’ introductory track, she’s been writing her own lyrics since she was only 12 years old. Collins not only has heart but also the lyrical impact expected and needed to make a name for herself on the country music stage. With the help of Nashville’s Liz Rose, Brock Berryhill, Nathan Chapman, and Brett James, “Heavenly” is unforgettable.

As the song opens with the beginning melody, Collins’ voice is smooth and distinctive against the lower guitar notes and drum beats. Her verses shy away from repetitive lyrics and are emotional to the point of bringing the audience along with her on this journey. Writing about a person who makes you feel special and allowing the listener to feel what you’re feeling is difficult, but Collins makes it seem easy in a way that can only come from years of practice. Beginning her musical career as a mostly self-taught musician has helped her find her own sound in a remarkable, unique way.

“Thank God he gave me you ‘cause / You turn my sad songs into hallelujahs / Yeah you bring out the best in me / Yeah, you make me feel heavenly.”

"Heavenly" by Karley Scott Collins

The crowning achievement of “Heavenly,” beyond the standout lyricism and the polished blending of the instruments, is Collins’ relatability. Untethered by formulaic patterns, the nuance, and creativity that come together in the song brings an impact not typically seen in new artists. At just 22, she has managed to achieve what takes many artists decades to accomplish: a sound of her own that can reach any listener, anywhere.

“You make all my demons want a halo / make the devil in me wish he was an angel.”

If there’s one thing that’s for sure about Karley Scott Collins, it’s that “Heavenly” will stick in our minds for months to come. If her new release is any indication of how she’ll continue raising the bar, our hopes are high for the future of country music. It’s not often that a singer-songwriter has such a strong start in Nashville, but it’s clear that great things are coming.

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