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Karley Scott Collins "Tattoos" Song Review

Karley Scott Collins is the new triple armed woman making waves in the country scene being a singer, a songwriter, and an instrumentalist as well. She, like many other country stars, made the typical leap to Nashville from their hometown to chase their dream. In Collins’ situation the place she calls home is Lake City, Florida. On April 1st, 2022 she is delivering her second single ever titled, “Tattoos.” Collins is on a steady path to stardom with rave reviews already under her belt.

It’s Collins’ sultry , deep, and soul-filled voice that carries through this new track. Opening with the lyrics, “The way that you walked up and kissed me / The way that I sang for you / Nothing can bring up old memories like the songs we made our memories to / Sometimes it hurts to remember / But how could I ever forget?” These specific and nostalgic lines set the tone for the song that is enhanced sonically with the choice of deep chords and the slow tempo of the song.

“Tattoos” beginning instrumental is very similar to Jason Aldean’s “You Make It Easy” with the inspiration of A