Kasey Tyndall “Middle Man” Song Review

Spirited singer-songwriter Kasey Tyndall was born in North Carolina destined to rock Music City. Tyndall’s destiny to Nashville set its course in 2014 when she won a radio contest to sing “We Were Us” with country music star Keith Urban. Since moving to Nashville, Tyndall has earned a spot on the River House Artists’ roster and has opened for big country music names on the road. 

Tyndall released her first single “Everything is Texas” in 2017 and delighted her very loyal fanbase with the release of her first album Salvation and Survival in 2018. That debut album garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify and included the hit song “Bar That’s Open.” Tyndall’s latest single, “Middle Man,” co-written with roommate Lainey Wilson drops today.

From the first notes of this retrospective song, it’s clear that “Middle Man” is an evolution of sound for the beloved country-rocker. Tyndall’s 80s rock influence still anchors this track, especially in the way she spits out lyrics like—“It’s where I got real good, I got real good at leaving”—with a fiercely timed delivery, but there’s a newfound maturity rounding its edges.

Kasey Tyndall

“Middle Man” is about growing up in the middle of divorced parents. The listener really feels the heaviness of her experience through skilful lyrics painting the oppositional portrait of being both “a little girl and a middle man.”

If you’re worried this track might make you feel sad or guilty, you’re not alone. Tyndall worried about her own parents listening to her song. “I hope my mamma never hears this song. And I’d hate to make daddy feel guilty.” So the lyrics quickly point to more insightful intentions.

I don’t know why they called it a broken home. It was split in two and damn it built me.”

Tyndall has lived a lot since being the little girl traveling “between [her] sister and a suitcase” in the back seat “every other Sunday.” She’s gaining great success as a singer and songwriter and she recognizes now that her experiences helped to shape her and were part of life’s plan: “Broken hearts are just part of the plan.”

“Middle Man” is a beautifully-written poetic anthem of acceptance. Parents and childhoods are not perfect but challenges can build character and lead to wonderful outcomes. It also has a killer chorus and is fun and therapeutic to sing along to.

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