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Kat & Alex “Most Nights” Song Review

After going on just one date together, Nashville-based Country-Latin duo, Kat & Alex created an imperishable bond. They performed on American Idol and then began focusing on writing and recording their own music. It took their one single titled “How Many Times”, to form a vast fanbase, gathering 7.9 million streams on Spotify. The husband and wife pair continue to epitomize classic country values with their new song, “Most Nights” released today, Friday, July 30th.

Although this new track was not written by the rising artists themselves, they knew right away that they had to get their hands on it. After the first listen, they gravitated to the moral of the song because of how strongly it connected to them and their story together and have high hopes that the release will do the same for fans. “We knew at first listen that we had to record it, and are so thankful that those guys allowed us to do so,” they say in a press statement. “The message of finding your ‘your person’ after searching for so long resonates strongly with us, and we really hope that it will mean something to others as well.”

The lyrical content in “Most Nights” does a great job of providing listeners with hope and determination that even though good things may take a lot of time, it’ll all be worth it. The nights that feel like nothing is going your way and all your efforts are going unnoticed, are to lead you somewhere you had always hoped to be with that one person. If you can’t believe it for yourself, it’ll help to hear your favorite duo sing about it.

“Now most nights all I want is you here getting me gone / Making it worth every single waiting on you night before / Thank god those nights ain’t most nights anymore.”

This powerful, heartfelt new ballad sung with such soothing and incredible vocals will leave an impact on fans & serve as a reminder that everything will fall into place with the right person at just the right time.