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Kaylee Rose “I Think I’m In Trouble Tonight” Song Review

Budding singer-songwriter Kaylee Rose released her new song titled “I Think I’m In Trouble Tonight” on Friday, May 20th. The 24-year-old continues to pave her own way with this up-tempo track.

Rose has already garnered quite the following on her social media platforms and streaming services. Her 2020 single “Me Before You” hit1 million streams on Spotify. Rose was even able to partner with the Cash Museum when filming the music video for her song “Love Makes You Blind.” That song was inspired by the love story of Johnny and June, so the museum and memorabilia provided the perfect backdrop. The Florida native made the move to Nashville at a young age, and she has no plans of ever slowing down.

“I Think I’m In Trouble Tonight” is a sassy and strong single from Rose. Her style feels similar

to that of Maren Morris or Miranda Lambert. The guitar chords open the song to make it feel more sultry which suits her vocal tone. This track is a great contender for a “getting ready to go out” type of night.