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Kayley Bishop "Honey Yes" Song Review

Kayley Bishop is a dynamic vocalist that is sure to make waves in the near future. Bishop has released her new song titled "Honey Yes," and it brings some soul influences into country music.

Bishop got her start while competing on Season 15 of The Voice. "She loves merging the old with the new and finding inspiration from artists who were musical trail-blazers. Keith Urban has described her voice as a 'gumbo of Celine Dion, Natalie Maines and Jewel,'” per a press release. Bishop is now working on a new project with Grammy-nominated producer Eric Torres.

"Honey Yes" feels unique from the very beginning. Listeners can feel like they are taken on a journey through Bishop's mind. This is a track that sounds timeless yet extremely current. There is a range of instruments that work to make the song feel full, but it still embraces its simplicity.

The song is about the secure and comforting feeling that comes with being in a loving relationship. When everything that person does makes you love them even more. "Coffee first thing in the morning, and without warnin