Keith Urban “Wild Hearts” Song Review

Keith Urban released a new song titled “Wild Hearts” on Friday, August 20. The superstar began promoting the song on his social media earlier in the week. As an artist who always has new tricks up his sleeve, Urban has fans excited for the new music he has in store.

Urban is one of the genre’s most powerful players. 11 albums, 18 #1 singles, and high touring numbers have earned him a seat at the top. Urban is also considered one of the greatest modern guitar players in the business. The proud Australian has always enjoyed experimenting with new sounds to give country music an added edge. His most recent album The Speed Of Now Part 1, which came out last year, offered a glimpse into Urban’s creative headspace. Blending rock, country, pop, with a hint of indie has been one of his specialties.

“Wild Hearts” feels like the entrance into a dive bar of escapism. Everything from the melody to the chords, to the lyrics and the production, gives the song an anthem-like sound. The track from start to finish deserves to be played in front of the largest possible crowd.

Keith Urban Wild Hearts

When Urban posted about the new song he captioned it with  “to all of the lost ones who aren’t really lost, this song is for you.” “Wild Hearts” touches the fans who crave freedom and independence. “This goes out to the drifters, and all of the dreamers ready to fly, all those born to be rock stars, lifting their guitars and painting the sky.” This electric style that exudes country-rock fits Urban’s persona to a T. Maybe “The Speed Of Now Part 2” is almost around the corner.

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