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Kelsey Lamb "Heartbreak Away" Song Review

Rising talent Kelsey Lamb has a new single out today. "Heartbreak Away" is a captivating ballad of truth, vulnerability, and optimism.

Lamb has been a singer-songwriter working in Nashville for the past few years. Hailing from Arkansas, she recently represented her state in the NBC show American Song Contest. Her previously released singles include "Talk To Me," "Where Do You Go," and "Me & the Bar." Lamb possesses the writing, vocals, and style that it takes to make a mark on country music.

"Heartbreak Away" may be riddled with heartache, but it is more optimistic than somber with the gut-punching line, "Sometime's forever is a heartbreak away." Lamb offers a beautiful perspective that love is in fact patient. In most cases, one has to go through the valley to get to the mountain top. She urges her fans to keep the hope alive that their heartbreak will soon come to pass.

Lamb's voice is soft, comforting, and gracefully suits the message of a song like this. There is simplicity with the instrumentals that parallel stunning lyrics like, "There'll come a day when your perfect fit walks through the door / The wa